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G7 Direct - Cerwin-Vega Mobile products, Amplifiers

Cerwin-Vega Mobile amplifiers are built with an efficient extruded aluminum heatsink that allows the amplifier to remain cool even under the most extreme conditions. All models feature fully adjustable 12dB per octave crossovers and our proprietary Vega bass circuit that adds 0 to 12dB of bass boost so you can tailor the sound to your personal listening taste.


G7 Direct - Cerwin-Vega Mobile products, Subwoofers

Our acclaimed subwoofers have been the reference standard for all out performance for over 20 years and nothing evokes the heritage of the Cerwin-Vega Mobile brand more than the red rubber surround of the Vega series. Whether it is Stroker, VMAX or Vega, Cerwin-Vega Mobile has long been regarded as the leader in subwoofer design and technology.


G7 Direct - Cerwin-Vega Mobile products, Speakers

Cerwin-Vega Mobile speakers combine the best balance of sound quality and value. Our Vega series coaxial speakers use a smooth sounding .75” pure silk dome tweeter while both our VMAX and Vega component systems step to a 1” silk dome for even better off axis response. All our speakers are designed to slot into existing factory fitted mountings.


G7 Direct - Cerwin-Vega Mobile products, Enclosures

Bring the BOOM and the funk to your trunk with a custom Cerwin-Vega Mobile loaded enclosure. Each enclosure is designed and tailored to your specific requirements by our team of highly-skilled engineers to ensure it will fit your vehicle seamlessly. These units are specially engineered on-site in our workshop to give the maximum bass and output.


G7 Direct for Cerwin-Vega Mobile - Accessories

Car audio may seem simple but there are many accessories required for its professional installation. Cerwin-Vega Mobile’s assortment of interface and wire accessories provides the proper link in creating the ultimate mobile sound system!

G7 Direct - Authorised UK & Ireland Distributor of Cerwin-Vega Mobile

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